8 reasons we’re celebrating Chrissy Teigen today

Chrissy Teigen has had a big year. Not only did she announce she’s expecting her first child with hubby John Legend, but she’s become a major advocate in women’s rights, such as her amazing response to the Planned Parenthood shooting and her stance on Photoshopping. Chrissy’s certainly ended her 20s with a bang, and today, she has officially turned 30, and we’ve gotta say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISSY. <3

Now, Chrissy has already received a totally rad birthday present: A serenade from John at the comedy cellar in NYC:

D’aw, cuteness. But since Chrissy is so rad, we think she deserves an HG birthday tribute, too! Here are all the things to love about Chrissy Teigen.

Her constant advocacy for body positivity

Chrissy may be a crazy famous model, but she isn’t afraid to bare it all. And when we say “bare it all,” we aren’t talking about a Sports Illustrated cover — we mean the stretch marks, cellulite, and other natural parts of a woman’s body that the media is so eager to cover up and perfect. Chrissy is constantly showing the girls and women who look up to her that these parts are not only OK, but perfectly normal — even on celebrities on our magazine covers. Most recently, Chrissy posted a (totally gorgeous) pregnancy photograph of herself, captioning the shot “Hello new thighs! You appeared out of nowhere but I’m not mad at it!”

It’s posts like these that crumble the unattainable beauty standards that are so pervasive in our culture bit by bit, and we adore Chrissy SO much for it.

Her pure, unabashed love for food. . . 

One thing you notice if you follow Chrissy on Twitter and Instagram is how much she adores food. Like, Jennifer Lawrence levels of adoration. After all, she is a foodie. But when she gets some wicked pregnancy cravings, she shares them with her fans, and it’s not just a light salad we’re talking about here.

Oh, and we can’t forget the time she cried while eating pie. Totally feel you, Chrissy.

. . . and for her dog

Sometimes, she combines her love for food and her dog by dressing him up like food, because hey, why not.

She isn’t afraid to stand up for herself

Being in the spotlight can be rough, especially for a woman whose body is micro-analyzed by trolls on the regular. But Chrissy isn’t about to let people walk all over her. When people were speculating about her pregnancy and her fertility issues, Chrissy totally shut them down in her typical classy-yet-badass way — proving that it’s possible to stand up for yourself while keeping your head held high above the drama.

But that said, she gives trolls a face

It’s easy to be a bully when you’re safe behind a computer screen, and Chrissy wants her haters to know that she does read their comments. “I would like to say I read everything because it’s pretty damn close,” she told Us Weekly about hateful tweets and comments she receives. “Probably 99.5 percent of things I really do read. And if I’m not reading it, it just means that I missed it. I mean, I think that people think that when they send you things, it goes off into space and you don’t care. The worst is when you respond and they’re like, ‘Oh, I didn’t think you would read that! I love you! Oh my god!’ Like, that’s the worst.”

She’s absolutely HILARIOUS

There are so many times Chrissy has got us rolling with laughter. Like her response to her “cereal-shamers” who claimed she shouldn’t be eating breakfast cereal because it’s unhealthy for her unborn child.

She isn’t afraid to try new things

Even if she’s not the best at them. (Remember the time she tried to report the weather?)

Her love with John Legend is *actually* the sweetest

What’s the cutest celebrity couple? If you answered with anyone other than John and Chrissy, sorry, but you’re so wrong. The two have been together for years, and they’re absolutely head over heels for each other. John serenades her on the reg. Oh, and can we talk about the fact that “All of You” is about her?! BRB, sobbing.

Happy birthday, Chrissy. We have a feeling that 30 is going to be a totally awesome year for you. Keep on being your fabulous self. . . we know you will.

(Images via Instagram.)

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