Chrissy Metz opened up about the relatable “This Is Us” scene that fans always want to talk about

We love it when actors keep it real. Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate on This Is Us, recently revealed the scene that resonates most with fans. Metz has always kept it real about her weight, both on and off the show. She has no problem clapping back against body shamers, and her fans are a big reason why. Metz let Entertainment Weekly know that the scene that hits home the most is one of her earliest ones — it’s from the pilot.

It’s the “stepping on a scale” scene.

In the very first episode of This Is Us, we start to get to know Kate and her siblings.

In that same ep, we see the vulnerable moment where Kate steps onto (and falls off of) a scale. Before she weighs herself, she removes everything — including her earrings. This is a ritual many women are familiar with. As a society, we are inundated with thinness. Many of us have struggled with the number on our scale. By removing every single item of clothing, even her light accessories, Kate immediately became relatable for many women.

For any woman, of any size, who has struggled with her body image, this scene is everything.

"I just don’t think we've seen a scene or a body shape like mine or a scene like that on network television in a real and raw way but not specifically only focused on weight. So, no pun intended, there was the bigger picture to it," Metz told Entertainment Weekly.

And she’s right. It’s rare to see a woman like Metz in a major role on television in general. The fact that she is more than her weight on the show is even rarer.

We really appreciate how often Metz openly discusses her body and bodies in general. Her character Kate openly struggles with weight, weight loss, and self-worth. Watching someone’s very vulnerable first moment of a long journey is huge.

By allowing us to see the stress of stepping on a scale, Kate immediately became a very real and relatable character.

This is Us returns September 26th and we are already stocking up on the tissues.

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