Chrissy Metz continues the conversation about body shaming by focusing on her supporters and not the haters

Haters are going to hate, but that’s not stopping Chrissy Metz from focusing on what’s ~really~ important.

Recall, the superbly talented This Is Us Star walked the red carpet with her castmates at the MTV Movie and TV Awards Sunday, celebrating her show’s success and taking home a team win for the Tearjerker Award. But what should’ve been a completely lovely evening for the actress turned into a sour situation when certain Twitter trolls decided to do what they do best, and hate on Chrissy’s dress.

But while some members of humanity just plain suck, there are even more who don’t. And as a result of the highly publicized negative outlash, the amount of love and support Chrissy received following the incident was *so* sweet.

“Remember that time folks got rowdy because I wore a dress?” she wrote on her Instagram today. “The outpouring of love and support from all of you lovely people has not gone unnoticed.”

"I hope that in some small way an unconventional body wearing an unconventional material opened up discussion, hearts, and minds. I truly had no idea it would make anyone feel uncomfortable, I just wanted to try something different."

The 36-year-old actress, who has remained an inspiring body positive advocate, also reminded followers that it’s always okay to be yourself. And as a part of that, wear whatever the heck makes you happy!

“All I’m saying is do you, boo!” she continued. “Wear what you want, love [what] you love, and treat people the way you want to be treated.”

Amen to that, sister!

And just for the record, we though Chrissy’s short red Jane Doe Latex dress, styled by Jordan Grossman, was pretty badass. It’s no easy feat to wear latex on the red carpet, and Miss Metz made it look like a dream!