This is why Chrissy Metz says she avoids little black dresses

If you venture into the closet of many a dress-wearing-person, chances are you’re going to encounter a little black dress. But when Chrissy Metz faced her fashion fears  and began taking on red carpet style, she made it clear there was little room in her life for understated colors and prints. Like all of us, she wants to feel confident in what she wears and not feel self-conscious about her body — but she noted that for many curvier actresses, there’s often pressure to “hide” behind drab and conservative cuts and colors.

"The red carpet transformed how I dressed, Metz told "I never wore form-fitting dresses before. There are a lot of people who make you feel uncomfortable if you show a chubby stomach, arm or leg. I was being educated, while becoming part of the conversation on size inclusivity."

And it has encouraged an important conversation about body positivity.

It can take a while to work out a style or color scheme that feels right, and we’re glad that Metz took the time to test out different pieces. She now works with an LA-based tailor for her red carpet appearances.

"When I started promoting This Is Us, I was worried about how things would photograph, but I slowly gained confidence," she continued. "I love bold colors and prints now, like the floral gown I wore to the 2017 Critics’ Choice Awards. Being a big girl, you want to hide sometimes, but with that dress, it was like ‘Boom! I’m here, in all my embroidered glory.'"

So much YES to that.

There was even the time she wore a badass red latex dress to the MTV Movie Awards — and when some critics were less-than-supportive of her style choice,  she responded in the best way possible.

Are you looking at this girl? She has it all going on.

Thanks for inspiring us to be ourselves, Chrissy.

It’s always okay to break the mold — because fashion should be for YOU and no one else.