Chris Rock is going on a huge tour for the first time in years, and we’re psyched

If you’re a fan of funny, you’ll love this news. It was just announced that Chris Rock is going on tour for the very first time in years, and he’ll be bringing all new material along with him. For the Chris Rock fan, this news is pretty much everything.

Chris Rock decided to tell his fans about the tour in a special way that he wouldn’t have been able to during his last tour, which was nearly ten years ago — through Facebook Live.

We should have realized that the comedian had some big news ahead of him, since he’s become a lot more visible these days — for example, he showed up during the recent Dave Chapelle episode of Saturday Night Live, and also hosted The Oscars much earlier this year. (His monologue was definitely pretty unforgettable.) Oh, and don’t forget that he made us crack up in last year’s A Very Murray Christmas.

Chris Rock stood outside The Comedy Store, one of the most well known stops for up-and-coming comedians, and gave a little history of the iconic venue before announcing his plans.

"Tonight I am announcing that I, Chris Rock, am going on tour," Rock said. "Total Blackout Tour. Word Tour. First time in nine years, okay?...Been a little busy, you know, writing Pootie Tang 3 and everything. But hey, it’s time."

(For the record, no — Pootie Tang 3 doesn’t exist. Nor does Pootie Tang 2. Louis C.K., who surprisingly wrote the first film, has moved on to bigger and better projects. Also, in his words, the movie was kind of a mistake. Eh, it happens.)

The tour starts this February, and wraps up in June. While it looks like the only international stop outside of the United States is Canada, you never know — more dates might be added, to make Rock’s vision of a “World Tour” come true.

What we do know is that we totally can’t wait. Rock is one of the most legendary comedians of our time, and his new material is bound to be pretty incredible!

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