Chris Pratt’s hilarious ‘Jurassic World’ moment earns the movie a dubious honor

How many times did you see Jurassic World this summer? I saw it twice in theaters, I’ll be honest. And it was GREAT both times, because who DOESN’T want to watch Chris Pratt hang out with some dinosaurs? But, know what I missed because I was so focused on Pratt and his raptors? All the mistakes in the movie.

Whoa, what mistakes? Like everything in life, sometimes movies make mistakes. Not incredibly obvious, huge mistakes, but little things, like continuity issues between scenes or an actor flubbing a line that no one on set noticed. So even though Jurassic World was near perfection to us (because, Pratt + dinosaurs) it now tops the list of 2015 movie mistakes.

According to the website, Movie Mistakes (who take great pride in finding all the mistakes we miss), they’ve complied a list of the worst mistakes of the summer, and Jurassic World tops their chart. In all, the movie had 19 obvious mistakes in it. One of the big mistakes, noticed by Movie Mistakes, happens when Pratt’s Owen is heard talking, even though we don’t see his lips actually move. Gonna have to rewatch the movie for than moment ASAP.

And yes, one of the mistakes is the fact that it is “a physical impossibility for a woman (or anyone else) to sprint cross-country and engage in all manner of strenuous, panic-driven activity while wearing 4-inch high heels. but after scrambling for her life from I-Rex, velociraptors and pterodactyls for a full 40 minutes of screen time, Claire is still wearing 4-inch high heels when she releases the T-Rex.” Yeah, we agree with that one.

The list is always being updated, so there could even be a few things Movie Mistakes has so far missed, but Jurassic World still wins the summer. The movie with the second most mistakes was Terminator Genysis with 9 flubs, followed by Mad Max with 8. Yeah, but we’re any of those guys trying to fight off an Indominus rex?

If you want to check out the full list of mistakes, you can here. And we can’t wait until Jurassic World is out on DVD and streaming, so we can watch it a hundred more times for mistakes Pratt.

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