Chris Pratt’s first celebrity sighting was hands-down awesome

You never forget your first celebrity sighting. Chris Pratt certainly hasn’t. Last night, he told Jimmy Kimmel about the first time he saw a majorly famous person in Hollywood. It was the year 2000, and Pratt was a 20-year-old newbie actor still awe-struck by the LA scene. Also, note it was the year 2000, when boy bands ruled the earth.

So, Pratt’s just hanging out in a bar, when all of a sudden (drum roll) Lance Bass walks in. First of all, Lance Bass is, was and will always be the jam. But imagine if you spotted him in Hollywood, at a time when *NSync was pretty much the only band that mattered. Naturally, Pratt was blown away.

In his head, Pratt thought, “Damn, dude! This is happening! This is the big time!” The experience was really taken to the next level when the DJ at the bar then put on — what else? — “Bye Bye Bye.” According to Pratt, his brain then exploded.

I bet 2000 Pratt never imagined 2015 Pratt would be the huge star he is right now — even though, as he and Kimmel joked, he’s still got a vision board at home with all future his goals. (Do you think his vision board includes singing “Margaritaville” with Jimmy Buffet? Because Pratt also did that last night following the Jurassic World premiere.)

Bass, for the record, already got word of Pratt’s story and tweeted this morning: “The secret is finally out- yes, I was #ChrisPratt‘s first.” Awesome.

Check out Pratt’s sweet recollection of his first brush with star power back in the day:

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