Chris Pratt visited kids in the hospital, and our hearts are melting

Some actors write letters back to their young and sick fans. But Chris Pratt? He goes ahead and visits them in person. The actor recently stopped by Seattle Children’s Hospital to meet with some young fans, and proceeded to share photos with them on his Instagram account. Not only that, but he shared some of their stories. Because, well, Chris Pratt is amazing, and always does the right thing.

Here he is connecting with Coen and Zion, twins who were born premature.

Pratt definitely understands the struggles of premature birth — his son Jack was born premature. When Anna Faris was just seven months along, her water broke. Jack only weighed three pounds at birth, but luckily bounced back and is a happy and healthy kid today!

Pratt decides to pose next with a huge Guardians of the Galaxy fan.

Meet Rowan — for Halloween, he dressed up like Groot. So, obviously this was a big moment for both him and Pratt. In Pratt’s words, “What an awesome kid.”

Finally, Pratt shows some strength with Madisen

Isn’t this the best photo of all time? Madisen shows that she can fight the good fight, no questions asked. “She’s a lover of art and fashion and she’s going places,” Pratt noted. We have to agree — this girl is pretty dynamic.

It’s obvious that this was all way more than a photo op for Pratt — he really seems to get something out of meeting his young fans who happen to be in unfortunate situations. We look forward to more wonderful highlights from Pratt’s visits!

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