Chris Pratt’s Star Lord audition is everything you want it to be and more

It’s hard to remember a time before Chris Pratt was mega famous. Doesn’t it kinda feel like life has always been this way? Like, Pratt has always been the go-to action star for everything, whether he’s fighting off dinosaurs or aliens, or even just making us laugh? Though it’s weird to remember a time pre-Pratt, that’s how life used to be. First off, let’s never go back to that pre-Pratt time ever, and secondly, it never hurts to reminiscent about that time and check out his amazing audition for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Perfectly timed for the holidays, Marvel is releasing the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Two Collection, which includes the latest six Marvel movies from, Iron Man 3 to Ant-Man. Plus, it’s got almost three hours of brand new never-before-seen footage. Hidden in this new footage is Pratt’s first screen test for Star Lord. This video is three-ish years old, so that means he’s more Andy Dwyer than Peter Quill, but his charm and wit are never going to change. And that’s what we love him every single day.

Yahoo! Movies first posted the clip, but then Guardians director James Gunn happened to stumble upon it and elaborated a little bit more on what we’re seeing. In the video, Pratt’s joined by co-Guardian, Dave Bautista playing Drax the Destroyer. According to Gunn, “This was the first time any two Guardians acted together.”

Both happened to audition on the same day, and “Dave tested first, and I thought he was so great that I had him stick around to read with Chris (who I already thought I was going to cast),” Gunn writes on his Facebook. “I wanted to see their chemistry together…I knew there was a spark of something very special.”

In short, we’re witnessing the birth if Star Lord. Check out the video below, and it’s OK if you experience some chills. That’s a normal Pratt reaction.

(Image via Marvel.)