Chris Pratt has given us ANOTHER episode of “What’s My Snack” and he promises it’s way more manly

You know, we hear lots of stories about grueling life on a movie set, but Chris Pratt is messing with our image. Because while everyone’s favorite Parks and Rec character-turned-action-badass is supposedly filming Jurassic World 2, he seems to be spending time on a totally different project. Why exactly does Chris Pratt have so much time to keep sending out episodes of his new series What’s My Snack? Are the dinosaurs just hogging the stage?

They would do that. Darn dinosaurs.

You may think, “but wait, we’ve seen him do What’s My Snack already, haven’t we?” And you wouldn’t be wrong. In the last couple of days, we’ve watched Chris Pratt opine over cake and try desperately to pronounce all the words in his smoothie (cacao really seemed to trip him up.)

But WAIT. There’s more!

Chris posted another excellent episode this morning, and this time with another twist.

"Today I'm going to do a new episode, I'm going to do a manly episode of What's My Snack?"

Listen, this is Chris Pratt we’re talking about here. We’re pretty sure he takes manly snacks very seriously.

But of course we aren’t going to spoil WHAT the snack is…we’re not monsters! You’re just going to have to watch with bated breath to find out what’s manlier than smoothies and cake. Trust us, it’s worth the suspense.

See? We told you so.

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