Chris Pratt shared the most adorable moment of him fishing with his son Jack, and we’re melting

If you’re looking for a father-son moment that’ll hit you right in the feels, you need to see Chris Pratt and his son, Jack, fishing together.

Pratt took to Instagram on Thursday to share the most adorable snaps of him and his 4-year-old son, Jack, who we know by now is one cute and photogenic kid (even if we also know that he talks like a comic book villain).

In the new pictures, Chris Pratt and Jack seem to have had one successful fishing trip.

However, it’s the caption that’s making us feel a lot of feelings.

“Not sure what made me more proud: when Jack insisted on holding this barracuda himself, or when he tried it raw! (Barracuda sashimi is amazing by the way) haha!!” Chris wrote. “4 year olds will try anything! Get out and fish! No better way to share God’s bounty with your babies and make life long memories than fishing! Get out on the water! #fishing #fishingislife”

The Jurassic World actor has previously shared his love of fishing. Indeed, while filming the movie’s sequel earlier this year in the U.K., he even asked people to send him their fishing snaps as he was missing home. Awww.

Well, it looks like Chris Pratt has definitely managed to find some time to go fishing, and in another post he shared how grateful he was to be able to do it with his son.

“Me and Jack had such an awesome time fishing at @kualoaranch with John, Casie, @jasonmorgan and company. We love making new friends and are so extremely grateful for the experience,” he wrote. “Mahalo to the Morgan Ohana for showering us with the aloha spirit. This “Jack Fish” or Papio might even be an “Ulua” which is what you call a trevally over 10 lbs. (we didn’t weight it) I think the above information is mostly accurate though likely spelled wrong. All I know is this fish fought like hell and tasted amazing!!!”

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen Jack and his father going fishing together. Last year, the actor shared a cute video of his son casting out his own fishing rod.

He even caught his own bass!

We love seeing this adorable father-and-son time, and we have to admit our hearts are swelling at all the lovely things that Chris Pratt has said about how proud he is of little Jack. What’s more, clearly Jack takes after his father in a big, big way, and it’s great that, despite being a busy actor, there’s still space for them to spend some quality time together.

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