Chris Pratt once had to be rescued from a runaway horse by a former girlfriend, and LOL forever

There are many reasons to love Chris Pratt. He’s a talented and versatile actor, an expert at french braids, he tears up when he talks about his son Jack, and his relationship with Anna Faris is frequently responsible for giving us #relationshipgoals.

And now we have another reason! Vulture just informed us that Pratt once had to be saved from a horse by a former girlfriend, and he lived to tell the (hilariously embarrassing) tale.


Before we go into that, here’s some backstory about Pratt’s relationship with horses (which he had to ride in The Magnificent Seven). Talking to Seth Meyers, he described his horse riding skills as “bad.” When Meyer asked if the horses agree, Pratt’s energy level skyrocketed and he said,

"The horses can sense it! They see me, and I'm a big guy, and they're like, alright buddy, don't get on me and not know how to ride. You're too heavy to carry around if you don't know how to ride. And I get on there and I'm like, 'howdy, cowboy!' and they're like, 'oh, shit.'"


Now, here’s where the story tickles our funny bone. So, Pratt was hanging out with his GF back in the day, when things took a turn for the worse.

"We were on this beach [riding horses], it was supposed to be romantic. And then the horse just took off running and my feet came out of the stirrups — they were up in the air — and I was holding the very end of the reigns. And my head was bouncing off the back of the horses ass. I was seconds from death."

He then describes how his lady friend casually rode up beside him, grabbed the reigns, calmed the horse, and saved the day like a total baddass hero from a Western movie. Watch the whole clip here. It’s worth it:

And the obvious moral to the story? We can’t wait to see Chris Pratt ride a horse in The Magnificent Seven, duh!