Chris Pratt remembers one of the best scenes in “Parks and Rec,” makes us miss the show even more

Before Chris Pratt was the ripped action movie star who saves the day in movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and the Jurassic Park sequel, he was the bumbling and hilarious Andy Dwyer in the forever beloved TV comedy, Parks and Recreation.


While the end of the series left a gigantic Pawnee-sized hole in the hearts of millions of viewers, the finale was even more devastating for the stars who made us laugh weekly.

And the pain is still clearly felt, two years later.

Just yesterday, Chris took to Twitter to reminisce about one of his favorite scenes from the series.

In the scene, Andy gets stuck in one of the imaginary scenarios that frequently occupy his mind, spiraling into a dramatic and cinematic tangent that has nothing to do with the IRL situation in front of him. It’s glorious. false

The scene is during Ben’s bachelor party, before he marries our queen, Leslie Knope — and the party originally for Ben evolves into numerous bachelor parties for Andy, Ron Swanson, Tom Haverford, and Jerry Gergich. The painfully optimistic and health-conscious Chris Traeger, portrayed perfectly by Rob Lowe, is the only one in the group who hasn’t been married.


The guys decide to celebrate a bachelor party for Chris anyway — celebrating the woman he will marry in his future and the best man he is today. The friends imagine who Chris will marry, when Andy awkwardly and hilariously wonders if he’ll marry April (Andy’s wife) following a dramatic and fictional sequence of events.


"Maybe it’s April. Maybe I die. Skydiving explosion. And then you go and marry April. And it makes me sad. But if she’s gonna be with somebody, I’d like it to be you... Only, I didn’t really die. I was faking it. And I come back. I spy on you from my red Corvette. And I’m planning to kick your a**, but I see how happy you make her. And I have to walk away. I have to. And I do. Slowly. In a rainstorm."

Andy continues to bring the story to a shocking climax as the rest of the guys try to change the subject. It’s incredible — watch the whole thing.

And while Chris Pratt reminisced about his #ParkFam, Ron Swanson himself had to express his love, too (with a Duke Silver saxophone emoji, of course):