Chris Pratt prank called a pet store for advice on handling Baby Groot

He’s cute, and he doesn’t talk much, but — how do you actually care for Baby Groot? Chris Pratt pranked a pet store during an interview with BBC Radio 1 to figure that out. Of course, the prank was in the form of a game. Because it’s 2017, and pranks need to be next level.

The segment was called “Alphabeticall,” and in order to succeed, Pratt had to start every sentence with the next letter of the alphabet. It sounds simple, but it’s truly a game where you have to think on your toes. And Pratt was given quite the tough scenario.

Not only did he dominate, but he did it all in with an accent.

We love Pratt’s enthusiasm before the call even starts.

"Can you tell me some information please, about a certain exotic pet?" Pratt said for the letter C.

Pratt seeks out resources for how to treat his stick insect, who he later reveals to be Baby Groot. The woman he calls actually just watched Guardians of the Galaxy the other day, but she never figured out that she was speaking to Star-Lord himself.

 We have to say, the exotic pet shop employee definitely has a ton of patience. Someone give this girl a raise!

She must get some weird people calling her, for that to be an okay conversation," Pratt admitted.

This is just more proof that Pratt can take on any part given to him. He’s definitely a real professional.