Chris Pratt posts the worst selfie with Jennifer Lawrence on his Instagram and it’s hilarious

This is what happens when you get two of the coolest people together. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are prepping for Passengers. Passengers is the upcoming film they star in together, so that means press junkets, talk show appearances, and dozens of prime selfie opportunity.

To that end, Pratt posted the selfie we’ve all been waiting for — one with him and the social media elusive JLaw.

But, there’s a hitch: Pratt, the hotheaded, self-proclaimed “space hero” (Guardians of the Galaxy reference, ICYMI) cast himself as the star of the selfie, and he kind of overshadows Jen. That is, she’s barely visible.

We already know that Jen is not the most enthusiastic about posing for fan’s pictures. You know, privacy and all. So, leave it to her heartthrob co-star to nab the pic for us. How thoughtful of him.

Passengers follows Jim (Pratt) and Aurora (Lawrence) as they travel through space to a distant colony, and wake up 30 years into their 120-year hibernation.

Passengers looks seriously good, though, and the chemistry between Pratt and Lawrence looks pretty hot. We’re in.