Chris Pratt posted his first Instagram pic since separating from Anna Faris, and it’s all muscle

Even though our hearts are still reeling from the sad news that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are no longer together, we’re also glad that they both seem to be doing ok, all things considered. Yesterday, Pratt shared his first Instagram photo since their split, and it was definitely worth the wait. In the pic, he strikes a rather ~buff~ pose with his son Jack and his brother Cully.

Pratt has been very vocal about his various dietary restrictions and workout regimens, so we’re not surprised by this show of strength. For instance, you may remember his immensely popular “What’s My Snack?” Instagram series, where Pratt recounted the extremely healthy (and manly) snacks he was allowed to eat on the set of Jurassic World 2. He showed us everything from red apples to cucumber and egg wraps. Talk about a clever way to make us hit play.

Even though we haven’t seen a “What’s My Snack?” for a long while now, we’re glad Pratt is still making his presence known on Instagram. We know that separation is never easy, and it’s probably magnified even more so when the whole world’s watching. But he and Faris seem to be amicable, which is what really counts.

Here’s Pratt’s first post-separation Instagram pic. So buff!

Yep, that’s Pratt, Jack, and Cully looking tough. Pratt’s been spending a lot of time with Jack since the separation, Entertainment Weekly reports. Cue our hearts melting.

The trio had just seen Chris Hemsworth in a viewing of the new movie Thor: Ragnarok.

Speaking of which, Thor: Ragnarok just came out on Friday. So if you haven’t seen it already, and want some more Chris Hemsworth in your life — TBH, who doesn’t?! — add seeing it to your to-do list. Meanwhile, here’s hoping Pratt will continue to post more and more on Insta!

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