Chris Pratt posted this adorable throwback photo of him as a child that will make you LOL

One of our favorite Hollywood hunks has been giving us all the LOLs this fall. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence have been promoting Passengers, their new sci-fi feature film out in theaters. And Chris has been showing off his hilarious sense of humor via social media. Chris posted a series of photos tagging Jennifer Lawrence, but Jennifer was barely visible. That led to Jennifer pranking Chris back, and the whole thing was totally adorable. Of course Chris is handsome, but Chris’ sense of humor makes him even more attractive.

Earlier today, Chris Pratt posted this throwback photo, and it’s giving us ALL the LOLs.

"Here a young Chris Pratt poses on the red carpet wearing designer bunny ears and blue vest by Goodwill of America."

First of all, OMG, those bunny ears! Chris looks like he made those ears himself, and we are very impressed. Secondly, Chris’ caption is everything. We love how he describes himself as if he’s walking the red carpet.

And the fact that he describes his headgear as “designer” bunny ears only makes them cuter. Chris cites “Goodwill of America” as the origin of his vest, which is both totally sweet and totally relatable. And now we know that this adorable bunny grew into the hilarious actor who starred in Parks and Recreation, Guardians of the Galaxy, and now Passengers.

Though he’s traded in his bunny ears for a Star Lord helmet, Chris still shows that he has a bit of a goofy side.

There’s nothing we love more than a celeb that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Chris always seems like he’s having so much fun.

And young Chris does look totally adorbs as a bunny rabbit.