Chris Pratt played “Mad Lib Theater” with Jimmy Fallon last night, and we’re still laughing

All we wanted for Christmas was another Mad Lib-related segment from The Tonight Show, and by golly, we got it. Last night, Chris Pratt played “Mad Lib Theater” with Jimmy Fallon, and totally knocked it out of the park.

What is “Mad Lib Theater,” you may ask? Well, it’s a game in two parts — first, Fallon asks his guest a few standard questions, like “name a noun.” Then, the two put the words into action. The result? Hilarity.

Of course, when Chris Pratt is playing the game, it’s even funnier. By adding words like “ding-dongs” and “doinker,” the sketch that followed — a Christmas-related sketch — was like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

We’re loving how Jimmy Fallon cracks up from the very, very beginning. Also funny? How Fallon forgot that he meant to use an elf voice for the sketch. (When it comes back into play, it’s pretty hilarious.)

We don’t think that “Jingle Farts” will be a holiday classic anytime soon, but it’s nice to see Pratt sing again. All of a sudden, we’re longing for the Andy Dwyer days of Mouse Rat.

Pratt was on the show to promote his new movie Passengers, co-starring Jennifer Lawrence — which is why it’s no surprise that she also got name-dropped in the Mad Lib. The film will be released on December 21st, and we totally can’t wait to see it!