Chris Pratt calls himself the “male Jennifer Lawrence” and we’re like HELL YA!

The truth’s out — everyone wants to be Jennifer Lawrence, including Chris Pratt, who is totally okay being called, the “male Jennifer Lawrence.”

On Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lawrence and Pratt sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to talk about their new sci-fi romance, Passengers, and things quickly turned into a love fest for J.Law. In fact, the Guardians of the Galaxy star revealed he is a big fan of his new nickname.

When asked what he thinks about being dubbed the "male Jennifer Lawrence," Pratt cheered and said, "Isn't that awesome? I love that."

“It could be worse,” he joked. Preach, Chris, preach.

While Pratt seemed totally on board with the nickname, since it came about because he is so nice and Lawrence is so nice, the Hunger Games actress revealed that he’s way nicer than her.


"He's much, much nicer than me," Lawrence told the talkshow host. "He's a hard worker, he has a good attitude, he's very positive."

The two continued to chat about Passengers, which is about two humans, played by Pratt and Lawrence, who were supposed to be frozen and ended up waking up 90 years early on a spaceship that is malfunctioning. Their characters ultimately fall in love or at least think it’s love and along the way they do some serious stunts — well, Pratt does some stunts.

"He had to do basically everything, because I suffer from paranoia mixed with delusions," Lawrence joked. "So I thought if I wore a harness I would never be able to bare children, so he took care of all the harness work."

While Pratt revealed that he did do most of the stunt work in the movie, Lawrence has been known to be a team player, so obviously she did stunt work as well… even in a harness!

Check out the trailer for Passengers below, and prepare yourself for even more Pratt and Lawrence banter.

The movie hits theaters December 21st.