This is what Chris Pratt looked like as a kid and awwww

Chris Pratt has a movie coming out today so he has been ESPECIALLY active on social media lately. And while many of the posts have involved jokingly shading his costar, poor Jennifer Lawrence, he has taken a break from that to share a throwback photo. Get ready. It’s a good one.

He captions it:

"Here a young Chris Pratt poses on the red carpet wearing designer bunny ears and blue vest by Goodwill of America."

LOL. We love it. So cute.

Who knew that this little guy would turn into this guy?

And, also, this guy:

And this guy.

And this guy.

During an interview with The Talks, Pratt once said that he was called “Rat boy” and “Monkey boy” as a kid because he had big ears and big teeth! What!

"I think both of [the nicknames] came from my dad. Rat boy because I had huge ears and teeth, the same ears and teeth as I have now, but on a tiny little pinhead. My head didn’t really grow until much later and I looked like a rat. Monkey boy…I don’t know where that came from, but my best friend and everybody call me monkey boy.

We can’t see his ears or his teeth here, but he looks normal to us. And, more importantly, we don’t see anyone calling him that now, although JLaw did defile your face on tv. Thanks for sharing, Chris!