Chris Pratt agrees: This is the best ‘Jurassic World’ re-creation yet

By now, you’ve probably seen Jurassic World at least once in theaters. On your computer, you’ve probably come across a hilarious Jurassic World meme at least a thousand times.

The scene where Chris Pratt’s Owen handles three raptors with just his sheer might and winning Pratt-stare has been recreated again and again by zookeepers wanting to get in on the training action.

They really are hilarious, since instead of using raptors (they sadly don’t exist anymore, guys), these zookeepers are using whatever animals they have on hand. Otters. Penguins. Llamas. Basically, the cutter and cuddlier the animal, the funnier the meme becomes. See?

Eventually, Pratt himself stumbled upon his favorite recreation of this scene…

Our guy Chris P. has hereby crowned the best raptor re-creation, and it is a winner, employing the fiercest creature known to man: a toddler.

Oh, did I say fiercest? I mean the most adorable. A little tyke, maybe two or three years old, is doing a very good job training his three plastic dinosaurs. It’s seriously the cutest, so apologizes if your heart just explodes from all the feels.

Pratt, who shared the photo on Facebook and Twitter, included the following caption: “Thank you to the parents of this little one. You’ve made my day. Oh man! I’m crying laughing.” We are too.

How can you NOT cry-laugh looking at this? Fun fact: the first two people who have liked this picture on Pratt’s Facebook are James Gunn (his director in Guardians of the Galaxy) and Buzz Aldrin, you know, the astronaut. Glad to see this picture is attracting all the right people.

So there you have it. The best Jurassic World re-creation, coming to us directly from a toddler. The best feels.

(Images via Georgia Aquarium, Facebook, Universal Pictures)

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