Chris Pratt is still cropping Jennifer Lawrence out of his Instagram photos, but it’s all in good fun

We’ve seen a bunch of his photos from his Passengers promo tour, but now everything is starting to make sense. As it turns out, Chris Pratt is cropping Jennifer Lawrence from Instagram photos on purpose. Think of it as one big, long joke between friends. And, well — this just solidifies the fact that there’s nobody we’d want to be friends with more than Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

Passengers, a movie about Pratt and Lawrence being stranded on a spaceship, hits theaters on December 21st — just in time for the holiday season. Need another reason to check it out? Michael Sheen is in the movie, playing a robot bartender. Enough said.

We imagine that their friendship formed due to being on set with each other quite a lot during filming, and these funny photos just prove that they’re close. The pictures started three days ago, and continue on today. Here’s all of them so far:

"Finally got that selfie with Jen y'all wanted," Pratt said in his caption.

"Just hanging with my bestie Jen," he notes, regarding the back of her head.

But really, Pratt went all-out with the off-center group photo. This proves it was all planned.

And then, there’s this video, which — in Pratt’s eyes — “heavily features Jen.”

It’s already gotten oven 2 million views.

And yesterday, Pratt used another blocking technique.

Also, Jamie Oliver got in on it.

We know this’ll be a trend throughout the media tour, and we seriously can’t wait for more photos. We never thought we’d ever say this, but not seeing Jennifer Lawrence has suddenly become oddly thrilling.

In Pratt's own words, "I use my twitter for jokes mostly. But I use my Instagram for deeper more meaningful stuff like pictures mostly."

With that, we’ll be keeping a close eye on his Instagram for more “meaningful” cast pictures.

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