This video proves that Chris Pratt is freakishly good at guessing foods while blindfolded

Since it’s gaining more and more followers, it makes sense that Chris Pratt would be asked about “What’s My Snack?” on occasion. The Instagram series has made Pratt’s fans laugh a bunch, and learn about some of the weirdest foods that happen to hit the Jurassic World 2 set. This time around, he got a little help from E! News on keeping it fresh. Interviewer Will Marfuggi decided to have Pratt guess a few mystery snacks merely by touch and smell in a new, almost identically-titled game — “What Is My Snack.”

Even though Pratt was wearing a blindfold, he still managed to nail the guessing game, thus proving that he’s truly a fan of all types of snacks.

Just wait until he gets to his third plate — his accuracy will astound you.

In fact, we’re a little curious as to whether or not he could see through his blindfold. He’s just a little too good at this.

I need a palate cleanser since that Cheetos is strong," Pratt said after successfully identifying a plate of the cheesy snack.

We seriously could watch hours of Pratt identifying famous snacks. In fact, we kind of wonder what would be the one snack that would totally stump him. But since he accurately guessed kale chips, we’re not sure if such a snack actually exists.

We also thought that the “twist” at the end would be that the cookies would be Hydrox instead of Oreos. Or maybe even “Hydrax,” like they served in Pawnee.


But, nope — they were Oreos, and Pratt figured it out pretty quickly.

We think that “What Is My Snack” would definitely make for an amazing party game. We just need to hone our skills and eat more snacks to be as talented as Chris Pratt.