If Chris Pratt is really Indiana Jones our hearts will sing for a solid year

Good news for those who are really into action-adventure movies, archeology, and not snakes — Disney is thinking about making more Indiana Jones movies. Even better news? They want man of the hour, Chris Pratt, to play Indy. (Thank you, Internet, for already Photoshopping a picture of Pratt’s head onto Indy’s body.)

Yes, please. A million times yes! Someone get him a fedora and an archaeological whip immediately.

This is honestly some of the best movie news I’ve ever heard. Indiana Jones — and everything about Harrison Ford in general — is very near and dear to my heart. He’s one of those characters that many get defensive over, if only because he’s so iconic and widely loved. If I’m really being honest with my love for Indy,

I think that the ending of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is one of the best movie endings ever made. So, yeah, I don’t take my Indiana Jones news lightly. Which is why not just anyone can suddenly pick up the character and run with it. The next generation Indy has to be perfect.

So, can Chris Pratt do it?

ABSOLUTELY. We all already love him. We all already think he is prime leading man material. If we’re going to give anyone the Indiana Jones torch, it should be him. Can you think of a better fit for the part? No, I take that back, because Pratt is the perfect fit for Indy. Can’t you see him riding a camel across the desert, and searching through tombs for ancient artifacts, and being a whip-smart professor with a class full of girls all swooning over him?

You can see all of those things. This needs to happen. I’m honestly surprised I’m not typing in complete gibberish, because this news has me a thousand times excited.

Disney is only in very early talks about this planned reboot with Indiana Jones, so this could all fall apart. Pratt might not even be up for it, considering he appears to be doing literally everything else right now, as well. OR, he could totally be up for it, and it’ll be the best thing to ever happen to cinema.

Just sayin’.

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