Chris Pratt took a quiz to see which Hollywood Chris he is, and spoiler — he’s not Chris Pratt

How many of us have gone into an internet quiz expecting one answer, only to have the rug pulled out from under us? Most of us, surely. So in a move we super relate to, Chris Pratt took an online quiz to tell him which Hollywood Chris he is, and…well, apparently he isn’t Chris Pratt.

Not all of us are playing the high-stakes quiz game that Chris Pratt was, as we don’t really make the cut to be an answer in most quizzes. But still, we know that feeling. It’s a little existential-crisis inducing, TBH.

Chris Pratt’s actual result was Chris Evans!

Which either means the quiz-makers need to re-evaluate their scoring system, or we’re experiencing an extremely rare phenomenon formally known as #CHRISCEPTION.

Honestly, there are no bad answers on this quiz. It’s not like taking a “Which character in X movie are you?” quiz only to find out you’re the bland sidekick guy who dies in the first act. Like, whether you’re Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, or Chris Pine…you’re still doing okay, y’know? We get Chris Pratt’s confusion, but yeah. He’s doing okay.

And proving that he’s a pretty acceptable quiz result, Chris Evans was quick on the draw for a retort.

We can’t say we disagree! And now we’re wondering who Evans, Hemsworth, and Pine would get…

The quiz in question is on Oh My Disney, and we urge you to go in without expectations. Because hey, you never know which Hollywood Chris you’re going to get.