Chris Pratt has been making some hilariously adorable faces on the “Passengers” red carpets and it’s just fantastic

It’s been a really long time coming, but Passengers is almost here and we’re VERY excited. This sure-to-be-amazing epic sci-fi film stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, and that fact alone is enough to make us scream, “YESSSSS!” But while Chris has been hamming it up on his Instagram account, posting some funny photos ~with~ Jennifer Lawrence (he’s literally been cropping her out of all the photos, HA!), he’s also been giving us lots of giggles on the red carpet, too. Because, you see, most celebs will pose all beautiful and stuff at their film’s premiere, but then…Chris is not ~most~ celebs.

He’s the BEST celeb.

 And this is why we love him. Well, that and, you know, he’s crazy hot, talented, sweet, and…okay, we’ll just stop right here. Please enjoy these hilarious and adorable photos of Chris Pratt’s lovely face on the Passengers red carpets.

“Why am I so very, very adorable? The world may never know…”

“But, wait. Did I leave the oven on?!”

“Nah, probably not. But hey, how you doin’?”

“Fancy seeing you here, m’lady.”

“WHOA. Was NOT expecting to see your lovely face here today.”

“Must keep smiling while wondering what that THING is up there.”

“Well, hello there, Miss Moneypenny…it’s the wrong film but IDGAF.”

“Do these lips look kissable?”

“No? Well how about them apples?”


Oh, CHRIS…what would we do without you?