Chris Pratt did the most Chris Pratt thing ever the first time he watched “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Just when you think Chris Pratt has gone and done the most Chris Pratt thing he can do as a human being, he outdoes himself. In case you don’t know, Chris Pratt s incredibly hesitant when it comes to putting himself out there. And like, Chris, you don’t need to worry about that. You’re Chris Pratt. 

But, Chris Pratt doesn’t always think like that. As he explains in a new interview in Vanity Fair, Chris was so worried about brining Peter Quill/Star-Lord to life he realized he needed to watch Guardians of the Galaxy by himself for the very first time.

Not only that, but he needed to watch the movie by himself… alone in a theater. In a theater he had rented out just for him.

Chris’ road to Star-Lord was a long one, but even after he landed the part, and quickly became loved by the whole Guardians family, he was still hesitant. Not wanting anyone else to be with him while he watched his performance, he literally rented out an entire theater as if he was throwing a kid’s birthday party. But like, a birthday party just for himself.

“When it started, I was like, This is fuckin’ awesome!" He explains to Vanity Fair. But, that feeling quickly wore off. "Then I saw the first scene of myself dancing and kicking rats, and I was like, Oh, my God, disaster. This movie is gonna suck. I was just so hypercritical of myself."

It’s actually super refreshing to hear that Chris — undoubtedly one of the biggest stars on the planet right now — is so worried about the work he puts out there for the world to enjoy. US TOO, CHRIS. US TOO.

Thankfully, his feeling of “oh nooooo” quickly wore off, because everything about Guardians is actually ?.

"Then the next scene comes on and you see Rocket and Groot, and I was like, Wait a minute—this movie might be really fuckin’ good.

We are all our own worst critic, and Chris is in that same boat. But if he’s asking, he doesn’t need to worry about his performance in Guardians (or, any of his other movies) at all. And also…when it comes time to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, maybe invite us along? We’ll watch it with you.