According to Anna Faris, Chris Pratt is the best gift-giver ever

Once upon a time, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt became the most enchanting married couple in all the land. Even the local villains refused to mess with their happiness. As the years went by, they continued to maintain their successful careers, their relationship blossomed, and fans fell in love with their love.

Just when the kingdom thought they couldn’t be more adorable, they expanded their family to include a charming little boy named Jack. Nothing could be better, right? And… that’s when the world found out that Chris Pratt is an A+ gift-givers, creating a fairy tale narrative that should be the plot of a Disney film.

On Tuesday, People asked Faris about what gift-giving is like in her house and she revealed that Chris is “such a better gift-giver,” while she’s “one of the world’s laziest shoppers.”

“You wouldn’t necessarily think so because he’s such a dude, but he really is the most amazing gift-giver,” the actress continued. “So we just try to give each other sort of sentimental gifts, and he’s much better at it than I am and thinks about it a little more than I do.”

So, what exactly makes Pratt’s gift skills so great? Well, he’s apparently an expert when it comes to buying jewelry. Faris explained, “Yeah, he’s great with that. And I try to be good with ‘dude things’ … like there’s this amazing knife company, out of Montana, and he loves camo stuff and hunting gear and things like that. But he’s very sentimental in a way that you wouldn’t necessarily expect.” (Sorry, Prince Charming, buy you’ve been de-throned by Chris Pratt.)

Since they’ve made it known that family is always #1 on their priority list, Faris is looking forward to some bonding time with her husband and 3-year-old son over the holidays. “I think – I know it sounds so corny, but I think [I’m] just [looking forward to] some time to ourselves,” she said. “We’re just excited to be together as a family.”

And they all lived happily ever after. (Are you writing this down, Disney?)

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