Chris Pratt’s first Snapchat is here, and it is perfectly Chris Pratt

Over the weekend, Chris Pratt joined Snapchat and the world has been patiently waiting for his first post. What would it be? Where would he be? Would he be fighting off dinosaurs/aliens, or hanging out with his perfect wife Anna Faris and precious son Jack? Would Chris Pratt’s first Snapchat be the most perfect Snapchat ever?

After 48 hours of waiting, it’s happened. It’s finally updated his story with four quick posts where he introduces himself to the Snapchat world (hey) and then decides to take some intense looking bike/scooter out for a spin on the Guardians of the Galaxy set. Sure, describing it might sound boring, but it’s actually be the best :40 seconds of your day.


Chris Pratt in his natural free and ~wild~ habitat is the best Chris Pratt.



He ends his first foray into the Snapchat world by informing us that he’s got bronchitis (and we wish him a speedy recovery) and introducing us to the woman who does Star Lord’s costumes, Mel. She seems pretty cool, hey Mel!


So far, that’s the only updated he has posted, and if you want to check out the full thing, move those fingers and open up the app, which you obviously already have on your phone. If not, this would be a perfect time to download it, because we’ve got a long list of things we want to see in it, and you know more #PrattSnaps are coming.

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