Chris Pratt and Chris Evans are superheroes in real life

We didn’t think our crushes could get any bigger on Chris Evans and Chris Pratt, but look, there they go, our crushes are now roughly the size of our solar system, and here’s why:

This past Super Bowl Captain America Chris Evans bet Starlord  Chris Pratt that the New England Patriots would beat the Seattle Seahawks.  The terms of the bet? If the Patriots won, Pratt would come along with Evans to visit the sick children of Christopher’s Haven in Boston, if the Seahawks triumphed, Evans would accompany Pratt to HIS charity of choice, the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Of course, the Patriots dominated and so Pratt went along with Evans to Christopher’s Haven and EVEN wore a Tom Brady jersey (what a good loser!)

He later changed into his Starlord gear, because OF COURSE HE DID.

Here’s where things get even awesomer: the two decided that even though Evans had emerged victorious in this bet, they would STILL go to Seattle Children’s Hospital to visit the kids. Evans did not don a Seahawks jersey for the Seattle visit but he DID wear his Captain America uniform, which really was the move.

And as for the kids? It MADE their days/lives. Upon news of their arrival, Maggie Mittelstaedt, 18, exclaimed “I was so excited when I heard they were planning to come to Seattle Children’s. Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avenger movies are my favorites, so I was hoping I might get a chance to meet them.”When Pratt and Evans visited Tyler Gower, 14,  who hero-worships Starlord, Tyler’s mom Allison later said “We were so surprised. It gave Tyler five minutes of happiness. This situation will never be normal, but their visit helped make us feel special.”

So far the two have helped raise more than $27,000 for Christopher’s Haven and Seattle Children’s. Good job being superheroes in real life, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans. Starlord and Captain America got NOTHING on you.

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