Someone morphed Chris Pratt and Chris Evans and the result is Chris Hemsworth

Are you someone who has trouble telling the different Chris’s of the Marvel Cinematic Universe apart? You know, there’s Chris Evans who plays Captain America, and Chris Pratt who plays Star Lord, and then Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor. All three of these leading men are quite strong and strapping, and have saved the world (and/or, the galaxy) many times before. Well, for those who really can’t tell Evans from Pratt, what we’re about to show you probably won’t make things easier. Turns out, if you combine Evans and Pratt together, you get Hemsworth. Let me explain.

Thanks to the Internet, the best place to hang out, we now now what happens when you combine the likeness of Evans and Pratt. You get Hemsworth. Really. This is all thanks to one of those face morphing programs, where one Tumblr user, smaug-official, did just that. He took Pratt, morphed it together with Evans, and made a Hemsworth. It’s weird and freaky, but kinda makes complete sense at the same time.

As smaug-official writes on the page, “Chris + Chris = Chris². I went to fool around on face morph but instead I unlocked a conspiracy.” Um, yes you did. It’s not even like we have to squint and turn our heads a little bit to the right to see the likeness. We can see it without any trickery involved and the final result is crazy good.

While we haven’t unlocked any conspiracies about the Infinity Stones and what not, there clearly is something fishy going on here. What do you have to say about this, Marvel?

(Images via here and here.)

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