Chris Pratt just Instagrammed a picture that proves Burt Macklin, FBI, is still on the case

We love it so much when actors from our fave shows get all nostalgic and self-referential. This go around, Chris Pratt shared a Parks and Recreation-themed selfie on Instagram, and it’s def making our week. It’s a simple pic — Chris Pratt givin’ us a steely gaze (be still our hearts) while holding an FBI mug.

If you’re not a Parks and Recreation diehard, you might have totally missed the reference. But the ‘gram was hashtagged with “Burt Macklin,” which is a reference to Andy Dwyer’s alter-ego on the show.

Burt Macklin was an FBI agent on the hunt for stolen jewels.

We miss Andy and Burt, so this was a great little gift from Pratt! Plus, we’re super jealous of his FBI mug. We’re def going to have to get ourselves one of those.

“Just gazin’ off in the distance sippin’ some coffee from my FREAKIN’ FBI MUG #burtmacklin," his caption reads.

Seriously, so jealous right now.

Burt Macklin first made his appearance on Parks and Recreation alongside April’s (Aubrey Plaza) alter ego, Janet Snakehole. They may not have gotten a ton of screen time, but Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole quickly became some of our absolute favorite fictional sleuths.

We’re obvs always waiting for news about a Parks and Rec reunion or reboot, but we’d also definitely accept a whole new spinoff show starring Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza as Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole instead…or in addition, TBH.

NBC, are you listening? No really, we need this to happen!