Chris Pratt and Anna Faris will FINALLY star as leads in a movie together, but there’s a catch

With Passengers hitting theaters in just a little over a week, we can’t get Chris Pratt out of our heads. And that’s totally fine, because…well, Chris Pratt is just a wonderful gift to us all. And, OBVIOUSLY, we aren’t the only ones who know this, because Chris is married to another amazing person, Anna Faris. TBH, we don’t know who we’re more jealous of because we’d love to spend extended periods of time with either of them because we love them THAT much. I mean, who doesn’t love how goofy they both can be?!?!

Exhibit A:

And Exhibit B:

So, why haven’t we seen Chris team up with his equally talented and hilarious wife to lead a film? Sure, they’ve acted together in Take Me Home Tonight (where they met), and there was a brief story arc together on Anna’s show Mom. But, I mean, can you IMAGINE how awesome it would be to see a feature film comedy starring Chris Pratt AND Anna Faris as the leads?

It’s like comedy gold just WAITING to happen.

 Well, we weren’t the only ones to pose this question. In a recent Reddit AMA, Chris answered several fan questions – like, for example, some of his funniest memories from the Passengers set. And one Redditor asked,

"Will you and your wife ever do a movie together where you're both leading? I think you're both talented and would make an exceptional screen-team!"

(Whispers: HARD AGREE!) And without hesitation, Chris responded,

"Yes we will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Us, right now:

Unfortunately, Chris did not elaborate ANY further. But this clearly sounds like they have at least one project in the works to co-star in! And we are so, so, soooo down to see a movie with Chris Pratt and Anna Faris headlining. Our wallets are open and ready. Your move, Hollywood!

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