Chris Pratt is officially obsessed with “A Quiet Place,” and his Insta video about it is everything

There’s a good chance you’ve heard about A Quiet Place. The thriller, which was directed by John Krasinski, stars Krasinski and wife Emily Blunt as a family forced to live in silence to avoid creatures who hunt through sound. Chris Pratt saw it over the weekend and loved it so much that he posted a lengthy fan video on Instagram all about it.

It’s always nice to see actors supporting actors, but we especially love this moment because Pratt’s enthusiasm is so genuine. The fact that he’s driving and shooting the video at the same time may seem a little dangerous, but Pratt assured followers he was stuck in traffic at the time. Plus, he was JAZZED.

Pratt filmed his video reaction just moments after leaving the theater. But he wasn’t the first celebrity to openly post about their love for Krasinski’s directorial debut. Ryan Reynolds also shared his excitement for the movie on Twitter, noting he’s already seen it twice in one week, which — according to us — is the mark of a solid film.

But the Chris Pratt reaction video is our fave since there’s something undeniably Andy Dwyer about it.

"I cannot tell you how freaking dope that movie is," Pratt says. "John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, two kids, freaky f*ing monsters...This is the movie."

Getting Star-Lord’s endorsement is a big compliment. Just like Ryan Reynolds, we have a feeling that Chris Pratt might be checking out A Quiet Place multiple times.

Have you seen it? Let us know your thoughts! (Preferably in a Pratt-like Insta vid).

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