Chris Pine still uses a flip phone for the most relatable reason ever

Letting go of the past is necessary for growth, but one of our Hollywood faves isn’t ready to give up on the good ol’ days. During a Good Morning America appearance, Chris Pine revealed he still uses a flip phone, Us Weekly reports.

When host Michael Strahan quizzed the Woman Wonder star on his biggest quirk, Pine responded, “I have a flip phone.” He added, “The flip world is a whole world you gotta get into.”

Uh, yeah…except we’ve already been there, Chris. FYI, your fossil of a phone is officially one of those early 2000 cell phones we loved, emphasis on the word early.

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But before we rib Pine too much for living that throwback tech lifestyle, the reason he still uses a flip phone actually makes a lot of sense.

“I’ll tell you what, here we go,” Pine explained. “I recently got a record player and a flip phone. I kind of like the simplifying down. I just like the simple, I just like the non-complicated,” he said. “I don’t want to be connected so much.”

That’s actually super relatable. Without a smartphone, there’s no temptation to be plugged in all the time. They don’t support all the apps that suck up a ton of our time and energy, which means no accidentally tweeting someone’s phone number or worrying about your kids getting their little hands on your iPhone and spending an ungodly amount of money on in-app purchases.

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The Star Trek actor isn’t the one knocking the dust off a flip phone. We won’t soon forget the frenzy that occurred after everyone noticed Adele using a flip phone in the “Hello” video, and earlier this year Ed Sheeran admitted to using a flip phone to avoid social media.

It’s not 1999, but clearly a few of us wouldn’t mind if it was.