Someone just asked Chris Pine if he’d do “Princess Diaries 3” and his answer was perfection

Just when you thought the gorgeous and awesome Chris Pine couldn’t become any more of a Prince Charming… he goes and does something like this. While being asked by a fan in a recent Tumbler Q&A whether or not he’d do another Princess Diaries movie, he said simply:

The fact that the star (jokingly or not) admits he has a diary is enough for us to love him forever. Oh, and of course everything else about him.



Though he’s been busy playing Wonder Woman’s love interest while moonlighting as thousands of other women’s dream love interest, the thought that he might return for a third installment of our beloved Princess Diaries franchise is almost too much awesome to process.

Even if it’s just a distant possibility right now, we’d love to see this happen in the future, and we’re not even kidding. If Princess Diaries taught us anything, it’s that even the impossible can seem possible.

In fact, our hopes are now up and we’ll be sorely disappointed if this doesn’t really happen someday.


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