It’s not Christmas until you have a Chris-mas tree decorated with Chris Pine’s face

Deck the halls with boughs of Molly Ringwalds. Or maybe just deck the halls with boughs of Hollywood. Because this Christmas, we’re putting the “Chris” back in Chris-mas with Chris Pine Christmas trees. It all started with a picture of a Christmas tree that writer Dana Schwartz posted to Twitter. The whole Internet took note of it, because, well, it’s incredible. It’s almost as good as The Mindy Project‘s Wreath Witherspoon, and it is exactly the kind of celeb-inspired Christmas cheer that the world needs right now.

The pine tree, covered with pictures of Chris Pine, has created a new trend of decorating Chris-mas Pine Trees. Forget regular old Christmas trees, because what could be better than a Chris-mas Pine? Chris Pine deserves the extra attention this holiday season anyway, considering that he starred in one of the year’s best movies — ahem, Wonder Woman, of course. The tree should probably have a cut-out of Gal Gadot striking her Wonder Woman power pose on top as the star, though, as no celebration of Chris Pine is complete without her.

Check out the glorious Chris Pine for yourself. It’s just what you need to take your holiday decorations to the next level. Who knew that Christmas trees were missing Chris Pine all this time? false

Of course, Schwartz had some backup tree names too.


This sparked a whole chain of celeb-inspired Christmas decorations, including a Matthew McConaughtree.

And a Frasier Fir.


There’s even one dedicated to the Queen of the Oscars herself.

But let’s not forget the most iconic Celeb yuletide decoration of all time.

The Wreath Witherspoon is truly an icon.

Now don’t be a Grinch. Or a David Lynch! Get on out there and deck your halls with your favorite celeb puns. It’s beginning to look a lot like Chris-mas, after all.

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