8 things to know about Chris Mazdzer, your new Olympics crush

If you’re watching the 2018 Winter Olympics as closely as we are, chances are you’ve already picked out some favorites to root for. However, there’s another athlete in PyeongChang that’s caught our eye — and he’s heating up the Winter Games in more than one way. Our newest crush, U.S. luge star Chris Mazdzer, is representing us at this year’s Olympics.

And we’ve never been more interested in the fastest sport on ice than we are now.

But it isn’t just his dreamy brown eyes or perfect smile that have us stalking his Instagram feed. He also seems to be an all-around great guy, and therefore totally worthy of being our newest man crush. Here’s what you need to know about Chris Mazdzer:

1This isn’t his first time at the Olympics.

This is Chris’ third time at the Winter Olympics, but it’s really the first time he’s been a serious contender for a medal. He’s currently sitting in fourth place, just 0.218 seconds behind the leader, heading into February 11th’s final two luge runs.

2He’s a natural-born athlete.

Though luge is his sport of choice these days, Chris spent played both soccer and lacrosse in high school. We can thank this lifelong dedication to athleticism for his impressive physique.


3He loves being outside.

An athlete on and off the ice, Chris is a regular outdoorsman. He spends his free time hiking, cliff jumping, and rock climbing. In fact, he climbed 46 peaks of the Adirondack Mountains by the age of 10.

4He collects unique souvenirs from his worldwide travels.

Hotel operators shouldn’t expect to get their room keys back if they have Chris as a guest. He likes to keep them as souvenirs from his travels, and he’s collected nearly 200 so far.

5He’s friends with Elmo.

Chris was thrilled to appear alongside everyone’s favorite red Muppet in a video for Sesame Street’s Spread Kindness, Share the Laughter campaign. In the video, he and Elmo exchange jokes — and it’s freakin’ adorable.

6His pupper is as cute as he is.

We’re a sucker for hot dudes with adorable dogs, and Chris doesn’t disappoint. His golden retriever, Obi-Wan, is a cuteness master. If you can’t get enough of this sweet boy on Chris’ social media accounts, you’ll be happy to know that Obi has his own Instagram page!

7He’s a man dedicated to giving back.

Philanthropy is sexy, and Chris’s extracurricular activities fit the bill. He’s an Athlete Mentor for Classroom Champions, a nonprofit organization that partners Olympic and Paralympic athletes with students in underserved communities. He’s also active with USA Luge in its #BuildAFleet and #OutfitAnAthlete efforts to provide young athletes with the supplies and tools they need.

8He’s a metaphorical ray of sunshine.

Anyone who follows Chris knows that this guy is positively chill and optimism personified. Next time you’re down, do yourself a favor and visit his Instagram page for a dose of good vibes.

We’ll be sure to root (and thirst) for Chris in his upcoming heats. Bring home the gold for Team USA, Chris!