Chris and Liam Hemsworth’s dad is a TOTAL hunk but we are not surprised

There are some families that just seem to have it all together in the looks department and one that comes to mind immediately is the Hemsworth family.

We can still remember the moment we realized Chris and Liam were brothers and wondering how so much goodness could be in two totally different, but equally good looking guys… but now it all makes sense.


Their dad is a TOTAL hunk, too.

33-year-old Chris, the middle child of the three Hemsworth boys (yes, there’s an older one, he’s the shorter one in the middle and hot too), posted a photo to Instagram wishing his father a happy Father’s Day with a flashback photo. (Also, who knew Australians had Father’s Day in September??)

It didn’t take long for the comments to roll in pointing out how much the dad looks like the Hemsworth boys now.

“OMG like father like son!” one person wrote while another pointed out the genes, “I can see where you boys get half of your good looks lol.”

It’s not the first time daddy Hemsworth’s looks have gotten some notice with people asking if he’s really the hot one of the bunch — even at his older age now. Check out the Hemsworth bunch at the premiere of The Dressmaker. He’s got a whole sort of Joe Biden thing going on!


Not to downplay his mom’s incredible good looks, either! 

This whole family is just gorgeous!