Chris Hemsworth’s on-set photo from his new movie is giving us serious chills

We’re big Chris Hemsworth fans, from seeing him in everything from Thor to Snow White and the Huntsman. Now, Chris Hemsworth’s on-set photo from his new movie is giving us serious chills. The movie? Horse Soldiers, an Afghanistan war drama that’s based on Doug Stanton’s book.

ICYMI, the story follows a U.S. Special Forces team and their captain after they’re dispatched to Afghanistan following 9/11, reported Variety. The soldiers join a Northern Alliance warlord, General Abdul Rashid Dostum (Navid Negahban), to try and drive out the Taliban. In-tense. But it’ll definitely be a must-see.

While the movie films, we’ve enjoyed Hemsworth’s Instagram posts from the set. Here’s the one that’s giving us chills rn.

Brrrrrrrrrr. Of course, when we say chills, we not only mean it in a this-looks-as-cold-AF way, but also in a could-Hemsworth-be-anymore-good-looking way. But alas — he’s married! Fun fact: Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky, is in the film, too(!).

Hemsworth posted the proof on Insta recently, as well.

Awwwwww. Btw, can you imagine being in a movie — a huge movie, nonetheless — with your significant other?! Hemsworth and Pataky seem to be loving working together, though. They have been coupled up since 2010, and also have three(!) kids together — two are twins — so it’s not as if they were strangers going into it.

Speaking of which, here’s Hemsworth with one of the kids.

Okay, did his Insta caption melt your heart like it melted ours?!

And look at this one.

Cuteness overload, right?!

And here’s Hemsworth and Pataky when they’re not on set.

Toooooo sweet, and they’re definitely upping our #relationshipgoals. In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait for more updates from Chris Hemsworth on the set of Horse Soldiers. Who’s with us?