12 times Chris Hemsworth proved he’s the ultimate superhero dad

How does Thor, God of Thunder—and survivor of the Infinity Gauntlet purge—celebrate his birthday? Hopefully with a piece of cake, a quick cry for the millions of family and friends he’s lost, and a healthy dose of revenge.

While the Avenger may not be celebrating until October, the man wielding Mjolnir in real life, the youngest of the Hollywood Chrises, turns 35 on August 11th. That’s right, it’s Chris Hemsworth’s birthday.

The middle Hemsworth brother may not be celebrating with a suave party at Stark Tower, but he will be reunited with Thor: Ragnarok co-star Tessa Thompson for Men in Black, which he is currently filming. But when he’s not palling around with his Marvel pals or rough-housing with his *maybe* late Asgardian brother, Loki—or his real-life brothers for that matter—Hemsworth is a doting dad of three. The Ghostbusters star and his Fast and Furious wife, Elsa Pataky, have three kids, six-year-old India and four-year-old twins Sasha and Tristan.

The actor, who relocated the family to his native Australia a few years ago, may spend a lot of his time trying to save the entire universe from very evil purple blobs, but when he’s home, he’s just another adorable dad. From camping to surfacing to training the next generation of heroes (Marvel or DC), Hemsworth has proven to be the most hilarious outdoorsy dad in Australia—and probably the rest of the world.

In honor of his birthday, here are 12 times Chris Hemsworth was the ultimate dad:

1When he led his daughter India in a contemplative beach-side yoga session.

2When he got *literally* hands-on surfing with India.

3When he taught his kids the best way to dance Miley.

4When his parental instincts were just too strong.

5When he was the king of late-night, post-premiere snacks.

6When he trained the next generation of superheroes.

7When he was the ultimate gardener.

8When he mistook himself for Sasha and Tristan’s triplet.

9When he played IRL Go Fish with the kids.

10When he was Sasha’s s’more sidekick.

11When he was the world’s most enthusiastic jump-roper.

12When he was *actual* proof that sharing is caring.

Happy 35th, Chris!