Chris Hemsworth just pulled off a sports feat we cannot believe, and we’ve watched it six times

You guys, maybe Chris Hemsworth IS a Marvel superhero IRL.

You know, we all still have dreams we hold onto. Some of us still want to be Olympic gymnastics champions, or win figure skating gold, or ride a horse off a diving board into a swimming pool like in Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.

But we also all know deep down, that unless we started training for these impressive feats when we were five, we’ve probably missed the boat on elite athletism. Unless, you know, we were actual superheros. LIKE CHRIS HEMSWORTH.

Because, real talk, how else do you explain Hemsworth throwing a basketball the length of a court towards the basket and SINKING THE FREAKING SHOT.

Here’s how you explain it. Chris Hemsworth is actually Thor. That is literally the only way you can solve this mystery.

Hemsworth posted his heroic feat on Instagram, as one does. He captioned the Insta “Greatest day of my life” and he used the hashtag #miracle, all of which we think is one hundred percent called for in this situation. Because just LOOK:

Also, how freaking adorable are his victory moves in the wake of his miracle shot? He’s so flipping happy he can’t even contain himself. So he drops down and rolls around on the floor. “Rolling around on the court” is the new  “dancing in the end zone,” you heard it here, first.

Chris Hemsworth has been killing it on Insta as of late. His superhuman three-pointer is probably his most impressive ‘gram to date, but that said, he’s got some other great shots in his feed.

Case in point, here are Hemsworth’s kids watching Dad present at the Golden Globes:

And here’s Chris and the Missus on their way to the aforementioned Globes:

And if you prefer your Hemsworth Thor-ing out, here he is flexing all 9,000 of his muscles:

Speaking of super, here’s our guy “learning to fly.”

Long story short, if you aren’t already following Chris Hemsworth on Instagram, um, you need to fix that immediately. Look how good the dude is with the ‘gram. If any celeb deserves a follow for kicking butt on social media/performing athletic miracles, it is Mr. Hemsworth.

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