All the best moments from Chris Hemsworth’s turn hosting ‘SNL’

Chris Hemsworth scored big in his second stint as a host on Saturday Night Live (on a Christmas-themed episode, no less). Playing to his strengths, the Australian actor was game for a variety of jokes at his own expense, mostly about his ethereal hotness, for which we mortals remain eternally grateful.

The opening monologue is often a big test for SNL hosts, and a nerve-wracking one at that.  Hemsworth did a great job with a pre-recorded bit where he wandered around backstage, being a total jerk to the cast. Highlights are Leslie Jones’ reaction and numerous female cast mates admitting to him that they’d still “hit that” despite his obnoxious personality.

Hemsworth’s hammy capabilities were perfectly put to use in a bizarre but hilarious sketch where he and cast member Cecily Strong try to force Christmas caroling friends to sing an obscure Broadway Christmas song, “Debra’s Time,” before ending with a surprising tragedy.

The highlight of the evening for Hemsworth, however, was a sketch that actually played on a long-standing, if somewhat outdated sketch concept of SNL: Having a hot guy dress in drag for laughs. This trope, seen pretty much too many times to count, finally reached a new stage by becoming self-aware, having the group of giggling girls alongside Hemsworth admit their suspicions that they were pretty sure that their old/new friend “Claire” was actually Chris Hemsworth in a wig, looking for validation of his male sexiness. It’s great to see SNL shaking up their standard jokes, especially with such a strong female cast on-stage week to week.

Hemsworth was a great sophomore host, but it shouldn’t be too surprising: He scored extremely positive reviews for his first crack at the job earlier this year. Even though the actor is best-known for his serious role as Marvel’s god-warrior Thor, it’s easy to forget that his sly wit actually brought a lot of dimension to the Norse superhero in what could have otherwise been a somewhat stuffy part. His return trip to SNL was a perfect way to end the year for the comedy show, and a nice little plug for Hemsworth’s current release, Moby Dick-prequel In The Heart of the Sea.

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