Chris Hemsworth says that Avengers 4 is even more gut-wrenching, which is rude since we’re not over Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War may have been an emotional roller coaster that left us both speechless and devastated, but according to Chris Hemsworth, that’s only the beginning. It should seriously go without saying at this point, but there are spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War ahead.

Bringing nearly all of the MCU’s current slate of heroes together to try to stop Thanos from completing the Infinity Gauntlet and wiping half of humanity from existence, the end of Infinity War saw a spectacular defeat, leaving just the OG Avengers and a handful of their most trusted allies alive. Needless to say, we’re still working through those five stages of grief.

But in a new interview with Esquire, Hemsworth, who has been through the wringer a time or two (or five) as Thor, opened up about working on Infinity War and the upcoming Avengers 4, and according to the actor, the franchise isn’t done putting us through intense emotional turmoil.

"If you were shocked by [Infinity War], I think the second one is even more shocking, for other reasons entirely," Hemsworth said. "That’s what kind of blew me away the first time I read both scripts, is how they managed to orchestrate so many different characters but give them each their own separate shot and moments, and have it be elevated and feel fresh and unique—not just like a messy, thrown-together assembly of these guys."

At least we have another 11 months to (try to) prepare for Avengers 4, although something tells us the film is still going to leave us both shocked and in tears when Captain America dies when it ends.

The film, which is the second half of the finale, will likely see our original Avengers band together for the final time, as many of the actors’ contracts with Marvel will have been fulfilled. It’s something many of actors (ahem, Evans) have spoken about — five of the OG six actors even got a group tattoo to celebrate the end of the era — and it’s something fans are continuing to process, preparing themselves for the impending collateral damage in Avengers 4.

Further hyping Avengers 4, Hemsworth revealed to Esquire that the film supersedes all expectations of what we think a Marvel film can be.

While it’s unclear where Hemsworth’s future in the MCU lies — he’ll finish his contract with the film, but after the success of Thor: Ragnarok, could quirky, fun Thor live to see another day? — there’s a sense of finality in Hemsworth’s words, as he adds how “incredible” an experience it’s been playing Thor for the past seven years.

"The second one I’m probably even more excited about. Just for people to see. I just think it’s another step again," he said. "Each step we seem to take with these films, I’ve loved the fact that there’s been growth and evolution and it continues to surprise people as opposed to sort of flatlining, which was obviously always a fear—that they’d run out of ideas or run dry of creative excitement. For me, this whole experience has been incredible. In particular the last one."

Well, Marvel fans, put on “Graduation (Friends Forever)” by Vitamin C, followed promptly by George Washington’s farewell song from Hamilton, because Avengers 4 may just be a swan song of epic proportions for our original Avengers as the franchise transitions into a new phase of the MCU.

The still-untitledAvengers 4 is set to hit theaters in May 2019.