Chris Hemsworth officially has an Instagram and his first Insta is uh, horrifying

Two days ago, Chris Hemsworth created an Instagram account! Yay Chris Hemsworth, it’s ABOUT time you graced your beautiful face on our mobile devices! And while he was at it (creating a glorious Instagram account that is) the actor you’ve probably seen in Avengers, Thor, and Snow White and the Hunstman also decided to let us know that he’s not a ophidiophobiac.

If you’re wondering what this vowel-heavy words means, know that “ophidiophobia” equates to the abnormal fear of snakes. And, based on his very first Insta snapshot, Hemsworth does not have this problem. I mean, he is Thor, so what else would you expect?

The photo features a very casual Hemsworth wearing a FDBY baseball cap POSING WITH A HUGE SNAKE SLITHERING AROUND IN THE GRASS VERY NEARBY. No big deal. “Hangin’ with the locals in my backyard… the real Jurassic Park!” Chris writes.

Okay, so we’re never accepting an invitation to a backyard BBQ at his house (unless he pinky promises to keep all reptilians at bay).

While the image is quite terrifying, it also brings up several fan-related questions. Does Hemsworth speak Parseltongue? Are Asgard and Hogwarts within the same universe? Is the actor preparing for a role that involves slithering, scale-covered creatures? Also, does the snake know that he helped the 32-year-old secure about 50,000 likes? (This is important information, people!)

Even if Hemsworth’s second Instagram photo doesn’t answer some/all of these pressing questions, we have a feeling that it’s going to be just as intriguing as his first. In the meantime, we have to wonder, “What’s next? A crocodile? Shark? Spider?” as we trepidatiously click the Follow button.

[Images via Instagram and Shutterstock]

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