Chris Hemsworth says all three of his kids want to be *this* superhero for Halloween (hint: not Thor)

Halloween is coming up, and you know what that means — ghosts, witches, and your favorite superheroes will be knocking on your door. Chris Hemsworth talked about Halloween in an interview with E! News and revealed that his kids — sons Tristan and Sasha and daughter India Rose — want to be superheroes for the big day. But, they’re not planning on dressing up like Thor.

Speaking of Thor, Hemsworth joked that his children were “wildly unimpressed” while on set, and actually found the whole experience to be a bit dull. But since his daughter is only five, and his sons, who are twins, are both three, we can understand how they might not think the experience would be a cool one.

"They're like, 'This is so boring. We thought you fight monsters for a living and you don't, you just pretend, and so we're going to wreck stuff.'" he said.

But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t into superheroes. According to Hemsworth, all three of his kids want to be the same person for Halloween this year. And that person is Wonder Woman.

Best choice ever? We think so. And per the interview, Hemsworth didn’t seem to mind the fact that Gal Gadot is much more fascinating to his kids at this stage.

"It's alright, I love Wonder Woman," he admitted.

Hemsworth shouldn’t be too bent out of shape. Since his children are still pretty young, they’ve got plenty of years ahead of them to dress up like their dad for the big day.