We could watch Chris Hemsworth riding a motorcycle on the beach all day

When you open the news or social media these days, a lot of is can be a bummer. After a contentious election, we’re faced with a lot of negative information, which really bums us out. So instead of focusing on that, we choose to watch Chris Hemsworth circling the beach on a motor bike.

The hottie that plays Thor in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War put a smile on our face as he motored around Byron Bay near his home in Australia.

Leave it to Chris Hemsworth to bring us joy by riding around on a motorcycle.

The video is so calming and serene. And the video plays like it’s almost a continuous loop, so we can just stare at it all day. This might be our new favorite video for meditation. Also, as if we needed anything more than just a handsome superhero on the beach, there’s an adorable dog as well.

It’s nice to have something to distract us right now.

And Chris Hemsworth on the beach makes such a perfect distraction. What were we talking about?