Chris Hemsworth is playing some great pranks on the set of “Thor: Ragnarok”

Leave it to the brother of the trickster-god Loki to come up with a great prank. Chris Hemsworth, or perhaps his Marvel alter-ego, Thor, couldn’t help but get up to a little mischief himself recently on the set of his newest caped caper.

Hemsworth, in his fifth film as demigod Thor (if you’re counting The Avengers films, which we do,) is having a bit of fun with his new director, Taika Waititi. The man at the helm of Thor: Ragnarok posted this hilarious photo to Twitter yesterday: false

Of course, you’ll need to know a bit of movie lore to get the joke. That large hammer in the photo is Thor’s beloved weapon/tool/storm-summoning best friend, Mjolnir. According to the films, only someone worthy enough can pick it up. In this hilarious scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron, many tried and failed to wield it — though Captain America got pretty close!

While Vision, another Avenger, was eventually able to pick up the hammer (to Thor’s consternation) it just seems like most people don’t quite have what it takes, apparently including Waititi! Let’s hope Chris Hemsworth eventually got Mjolnir off that toilet before the director was forced to come up with unpleasantly messy solutions!

Of course, pranks are nothing new to the good-humored Chris Hemsworth, who definitely keeps things light on set and off. Not only did he and brother Liam engage in some serious one-upmanship via Instagram doodles at Christmas, he also teamed up with none other than Ellen Degeneres herself to surprise a hard-working secretary with a long-standing crush on the elder Hemsworth brother by giving her an anonymous massage.

Come on Chris, you’re a demigod! Do you have to go around sneaking up on people and playing bathroom jokes?


Oh, you’re smiling at us? Okay, we forgive you.

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