Chris Hemsworth might star in the “Men in Black” reboot, making him a two-time galaxy defender

In the age-old debate of which Hollywood Chris is the best Hollywood Chris, everyone has their opinion. Some say Captain America‘s Chris Evans takes the top prize. Other argue for Parks and Rec bae turned Jurassic World hunk Chris Pratt. The minority of fans always tries to champion underdog Chris Pine for the mantle. But no matter how long people try to debate the Hollywood Chris issue, one will always come out on top: Chris Hemsworth. The Aussie Thor star can literally do no wrong, and now he’s using his hard-earned power to take over a popular ’90s film franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed today that Hemsworth is in early talks to star in Men in Black. Sony’s reboot/spinoff based on the 1997 sci-fi comedy movie is going to introduce a cast of entirely new characters (so sorry to all you Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones stans out there), and they want Thor himself as one of the leads. Instead of casting new faces for Agent K and Agent J, the new movie will build on the contemporary sci-fi world from the original movies and will feature a diverse ensemble cast. Sony is looking to make the leads a white male (this is what Hemsworth would play, natch), a female of color and an older man.

If Hemsworth does indeed land the lead role in Men in Black (remember, he’s still in early negotiations so don’t get too excited just yet), he could potentially be setting up a whole new franchise. The first Men in Black film spawned two sequels, one five years later in 2002 and then one another decade later in 2012. So if/when he gets tired of playing with Marvel as Thor, he’ll have at least another decade of easy, fun, high-paying film work ahead of him ready to go.

Here’s an idea … maybe his Thor: Ragnarok costars Tessa Thompson and Jeff Goldblum can join him as the other two lead roles? The description of the roles was like tailor made for the trio. And hey, what if Taika Waititi directed it? You guys, I think we just hit gold.

The Men in Black reboot is slated for release on June 14th, 2019.

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