Chris Hemsworth just gave Liam and Miley his blessing, because he’s a great big brother

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have perfected the “will they or won’t they?” routine. The two dated for years, got engaged in 2012 and then called things off in 2013. At the time, it seemed like they were done for good—Miley’s antics got crazier and crazier, and Liam famously said that he felt he “dodged a bullet” when they ended things.

Still, the two remained friends, and every once and a while speculation stirred. Would they ever get back together? Their run-ins were always friendly. Miley helped Liam adopt a new dog. Then, she rang in the New Year with him and his family down undah in Australia. But everything came to a head when she was spotted wearing her engagement ring again earlier this month. Yes, the same ring Liam previously gave her.

“Miley is beyond happy to be engaged to Liam again,” a source close to the singer told PEOPLE. “It might seem sudden, but they have been very close for the past few months.”

Remember, Miley and Liam have history. Even if it seems like their re-engagement comes out of nowhere, there was a time when they were ready to say “I do.” They spent some time apart, doing their own things, and found their way back to each other. It’s a beautiful thing, really.

Naturally, since the couple is staying fairly mum on the subject, the media asked Liam’s brother, Chris Hemsworth (AKA Thor), if he could spill any info on their status. He didn’t give up much, but he did support their decision.

“I’m happy if he’s happy, whatever he’s doing in life,” Chris told Entertainment Tonight. “I can’t confirm any of that but, you know, he’s smart [and] he’s happy.”

Entertainment Tonight isn’t the only outlet that’s asked Chris about Miley and Liam. The actor was recently a guest on the Kyle & Jackie O radio show in Australia, and faced the same question: Are they back together? His response to the question—one that he’s likely facing a lot right now—made us laugh out loud.

“I would find out through the press,” Chris told them. “I find out last most of the time.”

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